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We are a true working farm; therefore, we ask you to please contact us for scheduling or more information about horse training, horsemanship workshops, farm visits, or events.


Dallas Todd Slusher has been training both horses and riders for over twenty years using natural horsemanship techniques. Our farm offers individual horsemanship training and group workshops as well as colt-starting and horse training.

Todd offers both one-on-one training as well as group events from beginning riders to advanced horsemanship clinics.

  • Gain a better understanding of horses and horsemanship skills
  • Effective communication and better understanding of how horses think
  • Better control and respect
  • Master groundwork and develop greater confidence
  • Learn round-pen training skills


Farm Visits

Farm visits are a new development at our farm. We can tailor your visit to focus on horses, farm operations, a combination of both, and time to unwind and explore our farm on your own.

Calendar - Fall/Winter 2020 Clinics and Training

(futher information and pricing can be found below the calendar)


1-11 Individual Lessons

Horsemanship Clinic: Building a Foundation
McConathy Farm, Lexington KY

3-4 Getting the Right Start clinic for young horses
Three Hill Farm, Stamping Ground, KY
11 Trail Clinic and Trail Ride
Three Hill Farm, Stamping Ground, KY
17 Horsemanship Clinic
McConathy Farm, Lexington KY


Solving Problems Clinic, Horsemanship 1
KY Equine Adoption Center, Jessamine Co, Ky


Horsemanship Clinic
McConathy Farm, Lexington KY


2 weeks of colt starting
Three Hill Farm, Stamping Ground, KY


Horsemanship Clinic
McConathy Farm, Lexington KY


Clinic and lesson prices listed are based on individual participation. We have discounts for
families and groups of 5 or more.

To audit/watch any clinic at Three Hill Farm $15 Adults

For all clinics that take place at McConathy Farm, Lexington: $65 per rider for their volunteers,
employees, boarders; $10 audit/watch.

For all clinics at Kentucky Equine Adoption Center Jessamine Co: $85 per rider ($20 of fee goes for
donation to the center); $25 watch/audit

Most clinics require prepayment to reserve your spot in the clinic.
To sign up for lessons or a clinic, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact:
Todd Slusher
Text: (859)621-8966
Call farm office phone: (502)535-0077
Private message on Facebook page: Three Hill Farm

Individual Lessons and Training
Todd will work with you and your horse or you can ride one of the horses on the farm
$45-$65 per lesson 1-2 hrs

Foundation Clinic
For the green horse and rider or for those just needing to restart. Focus on groundwork in preparing for
riding. Then moving on to fundamentals on horseback.
½ Day clinic
$85 per person with your horse
$105 per person with our horse

The Right Start: For Young Horses
This is for young horses that may or may have not been worked with.
We will work on basics such as haltering, handling, leading, stress free saddling, and starting to ride
½ Day Clinic
$85 per person

Trail Clinic
We will start with groundwork and basic fundamentals of Horsemanship then move on to Trail Obstacles
around farm. After lunch will go on trail and continue to work on areas that may cause problems such
as trailering and hauling safely, water crossings, logs, wildlife, etc.
All day Clinic 9am-4pm (1 hour lunch) Limit 6 riders
$125/person with your horse
$145/person with our horse

Solving Problems Clinic, Horsemanship 1
For horses that have been ridden but need work with problem areas such as mounting, under saddle
issues, desensitizing, obstacles, trailer loading and hauling, and other general problems that riders face
each day.
½ day Clinic

2 weeks of Colt Starting
Todd will work with young horses over 2 week period.
Round pen basics, haltering, saddling stress free and safely, first ride, working under saddle and
introduction of snaffle bit.
Owners are encouraged to participate or watch as many days as possible.
$10 per day for anyone that would like to watch any or all the training sessions. Always open!
$750 per horse
Limit will be 5 total horses during the 2 week session




Farm Operations

Jessica Slusher manages most farm operations including poultry and produce. Three Hill Farm will apply for certification as a USDA Organic farm in 2020 and has used organic farming practices since 2016.

  • Heritage breed chickens & turkeys
  • Transitional organic practices
  • Heirloom fruits, vegetables, & flowers
  • Local farmers market vendor


The Wicked Chicken Workshop

Jessica did not start out to become a wood craftsman but as Todd and Jessica worked to restore the once abandoned Three Hill Farm to its past rustic glory, she became a proficient woodworker. Due to the time constraints of farm operations, the workshop is only open from November through February.

  • Wooden barn quilts
  • Early-American furniture
  • Custom furniture & Signs
  • Rustic restorations

If you are interested in learning more about heirloom crops and heritage breeds, or in commissioning a piece, a restoration project, or learning more about our farm operations, please contact us.


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Mobile: (859)621-8966, (502)535-0077
Address: 2486 cedar Road, Stamping Ground, KY 40379

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